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Welcome Note

Glove is a protocol built as an earning Launchpad for web3 projects on the Binance Smart Chain. The $GLV token is used to power and drives this Glove Finance Ecosystem.
This document is a resource for the Glove Finance community.
Builders support it and anybody can contribute.
Explore this to learn about Glove and its automated earning system.
· Website:
· Telegram News:
· Official Email: [email protected]
· Support Mail: [email protected]
Earn $GLV by joining Telegram and contributing to the Glove community by helping with exchange and data listings, managing collaborations and contributing code.
Administrators will never communicate with users through private communications. If someone approaches you directly, claiming to represent customer support service or something similar, please block them and report spam immediately.
Remember that you should never share your private key or recovery phrases with anyone. If someone requests you to submit the above information, please block them and notify us of the situation.
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